Adult Sunday School Classes

Meet at 10:55 AM on Sunday Mornings

Adult Sunday School Electives

Begin September 15, 2019

Our Daily Work: An Exploration of Vocation and Calling

Facilitator: Janice Freytag

What do we do with the hours of our day? Whether we are an employer, employee, volunteer, student, parent, homemaker, retired, or in "full-time ministry", does God really care about what we do? What is God's view of "work"? Is everyone "called" to something? Is there a distinction between sacred and secular work? Can we find meaning and fulfillment in our work without our identities being wrapped up in our jobs or ministries? How do we measure success? What about rest? This class will look at these and other questions as we seek to support one another to follow Christ in our everyday lives.

Inductive Study—1 Peter and Ephesians

Primary Facilitators: Pat Fitzpatrick and Josiah Abba Iliya

You may find it relatively easy to read a portion of the Bible at least on somewhat of a regular basis, but what about personal Bible study? Do you wonder how to approach a study on your own? You might be unsure how to go about it so you just put your study into the hands of the pastors, a small group leader, or a radio or TV preacher. It is our desire to help you gain the confidence to study on your own and discover new personal insights into the Bible. In this class we will consider the basics of one approach, the Inductive Bible Study Method. We will put this method into practice as we study through 1 Peter and Ephesians. We will look at one chapter a week as we learn to observe, interpret, and apply what we read.

Companions for the Journey: Growing Deeper Together

Facilitators: Jesse and Jen Dressler, Kaley Ehret, and Seth Mangum

For the past several years, we have been listening to great teaching about how to know God more and how to partner with him to love others better. Sometimes it can be hard to know how we are doing with this, though! What would it be like to pay more attention to what God is doing in you and around you? How can we be more aware of how we are responding to God and to others? How might this be done in community at Grace Bible?

This class is designed to create space to explore these questions together. Each week, we will spend time meditating on a scripture passage to focus us for the week, and then we will break into smaller groups. We will share thoughts on questions such as, ‘What has God been teaching me this week?’ or ‘How have I been responding to him and others?’ in order to be companions for each other in our spiritual journeys. We will then take time to point each other to God through prayer as a practice of carrying each other’s burdens and seeking his kingdom together.

This class is open to all ages but will be closed to newcomers after week 3. 

Lectio Divina

Facilitator: Christine Labrum

Together, we will engage in the practice of Lectio Divina. This practice involves multiple readings of a single Scripture passage with silence in between the readings. We will seek to be attentive to the Spirit and listen for how God impresses our hearts with his Word in the stillness.

 Sermon Follow-Up

Facilitators: Dave Dunbar and Jack Merzig

Bring your questions and observations from the sermon. We will dig a little deeper into the Bible and its application to our lives.

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