Children’s Ministry

Infant through Grade 5

Nursery - Infant to age 3


Nursery is for infants up to children who are 3 years old. It is open for both the Worship Service & Sunday School. We have a nursery for infants up to 18 months old and a nursery for 18 months old up to 3 years old. Both nurseries are well staffed for your children. In the older room we have lesson time, singing, snack time, as well as free time to play.
Please mark all belongings (diaper bag, bottles, cups, toys, etc.) with child’s name. We practice a healthy nursery. If your child has runny nose, cough, or any other signs of being ill please do not bring them to the nursery. Your child should also be fever free for 24 hours before bring them to the nursery.

Preschool - Aged 3 to 5

Preschool is geared toward children aged 3-5 years old (and potty trained). Recognizing that young kids need the space and time to explore, Preschool is hands-on playing and learning time. The children play games, sing, do crafts, and learn from the Bible during this program that begins during the Worship Service and continues through the Sunday School hour.

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Kindergarten to Grade 3

Grace Place is designed for Kindergarten to 5th graders. K-3rd grade begin their morning in the Sanctuary for worship and prayer with everyone. The children are dismissed and go to their grade appropriate classroom prior to the sermon. Here they have lessons, discussion, and snack. The children have additional activities during Sunday School time that relates to the lesson. 

Grade 4 & 5

4th and 5th grade remain in the Sanctuary for the entire Worship Service then go to Sunday School during the Sunday School time for lessons, discussion, and snack. The activities are geared toward learning while experiencing God's joy in life.


Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us. All volunteer staff (ages 18+) who serve in Children’s Ministry and/or Student Ministries are required to complete three levels of background checks: two from the state of Pennsylvania (child abuse and PA state police criminal check) and one from the FBI (fingerprinting). If you would like to volunteer and have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years or more, you can fill out an affidavit that clears you from getting fingerprinted. Volunteer screening is a Pennsylvania state requirement that Grace Bible Church abides by.